Randonnée d'Artistes, Rixensart 06/2014

Pictorialism was the first real style in the history of photography, aiming at the recognition of an artistic status and the aesthetic development of the medium. It urged to go beyond a mere representation of reality through particular shooting and printing techniques which were supposed to give a personal "touch" to the image, while respecting the aesthetic canons of that era. A philosophy that is not so far away from the concerns of today's adepts of digital image editing, after all..

But with a market constantly requiring immediate profitabilty, barely compatible with imaging techniques where the artist's skilfulness and the medium's materials are coming between reality and mind, those processes were given up, and replaced by silverprints first, and digital images later on.

It is not our intention to harshly criticize those modern techniques, nor to defend anachronistic artistic movements or processes.
We simply try to bring together those interested in techniques corresponding to their artistic sensitivity, wishing to share their research, successes as well as failures and put their enthusiasm in concrete form through joint projects.

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Farewell, we won't forget:
Jan Strijbos
Wim Koster
Claire Latouche
Pierre Gavroy
Roger Kockaerts
Gilbert Strouven
Roland Castro
Gilbert Strouven
Jan Strijbos † 29/11/2023

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