The links on the left will lead you to our members' bio info and galleries. Each member of Picto Benelux has the possibility to put a dozen of his pictures online. Only condition is that an alternative process has to be used. For more details, please use the contact form (see navigation menu above).

When clicking on the “Guests” Galleries button in the navigation submenu above, a similar gallery opens with the works of some talented photogaphers, experts in alternative processes, with whom Picto established friendly contacts.


Daniel Bastin - Armand Benedic - Marc Bevernage - Anne Biliotti - Rudy Boon - Jenny Bosschaert - Hilde Braet - Paul Cancelier - Giusy Cartechini - Geoff Chaplin - Michel Debar - Dirk De la Marche - Hubert Desgain - André Devlaeminck - Milenko Divjak - Sandra Driljeux - Paul Fumière - Jacques Kevers - Ronnie Husson - Jacques Lagaese - Rosemary Laneau - Cécile Libert - Ben Mahler - Jan Mares - Jean Moriau - Cedric Muscat - Mohamed Oubihi - Elsa Rapposelli - Gerard Smeets - René Smets - Luc Tourwé - Roberto Trioschi - Guido Vandebroek - Henk van den Biggelaar - Jozef Van Lysebeth - Francis Vansina - Diane Vingeroets - Rob Wynants