Cyanotype Workshop

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Cyanotype recipe at the bottom of the page

- A sheet is sensitized in a “cyanotype” solution

    For 200ml of solution:
  • 24gr ammonium iron citrate + 100ml water
  • 12gr potassium ferricyanide + 100ml water
  • Mix both immediately before use
  • Let dry in the dark.
  • Exposure time 20 mn in full sun.
  • Rince in distribution water: 10 mn..
  • Soak in water + 10% hydrogen peroxide..
  • Rince until water remains clear.
  • Dry, preferably in open air.


10th “ Randonnée d'Artistes”
(Artists' Route) – Rixensart
14-15 & 21-22/06/2014

Cyanotype Workshop