Expo Kockaerts

Roger Kockaerts: 1958-2018

From May 14th till July 31st 2018

On appointment

Opening: Sunday May 13th
from 4:00pm onwards

Atelier pH7
Rue Joseph Cuylits 24
1180 Uccle
Phone: 0473 58 49 31

50 years of photography ...
Photographer, gallery owner, teacher and specialist in restoration and conservation of photographic documents, Roger Kockaerts (1931) has been practicing photography for more than 50 years now. Analog and many historical techniques don't have much secrets for him. Having a predilection for nature and mineral or vegetal textures, he also undertook many other projects: "Unknown Soldiers", "Recycling", "Diptychs: text-image", "Orotypes", "Composite Images ", etc ... Will the works below be part of the exhibition? You will have to come to discover it ...
Roger Kockaerts is an active member of Picto Benelux since its inception.

Expo Kockaerts