Jan Strijbos

Jan Strijbos : The quiet strength...

Wednesday 29 November 2023: Picto Benelux has to say goodbye to Jan.

Ever since his studies at the Higher Technical School of Photography in Antwerp, the Higher Artistic Secondary School of Photography in Brasschaat and the Academy of Photography in Antwerp, Jan Strijbos has shown a great interest in old photographic techniques.

He therefore became an active member of Luce Picta vzw, an association that worked from 1995 to 2004 to promote old and noble photographic processes. In January 2014, he became a member of Picto Benelux. He has also a member of the Visie 4 photographic collective, where these old techniques have regularly been given a place of choice during the many photo exhibitions held there. He also took part in “Zomer van de fotografie”, “Werken in uitvoering” for “Antwerpen Stad aan de Stroom” and “Fotocircuit van Vlaanderen” with photos under the title “Lijn 12”.

His interest in the history of photography and his admiration for historical photography led him to experiment with old processes such as gum bichromate, carbon prints, heliogravure and wet collodion. Who doesn't remember his photogravures, sent out as greetings cards for the New Year? His expertise in these techniques was unanimously recognised and appreciated. As a member of Picto, he was discreet but always ready to take part in activities and to help other members with advice and assistance.

Although seriously ill and undergoing severe treatment, he found the courage to continue to attend our meetings whenever he could, and to take part in our exhibitions in Heerlen (August-September 2022) and Antwerp (August 2023)...

Farewell, dear friend, we are happy to have known you - we will miss you....

Pierre Gavroy

Some of Jan's publications made for Picto:

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