Wim Koster

Wim Koster: the friend from the north...

Wim Koster et Misonne Until 2009, Wim ran a company based in Düsseldorf (Germany) that produced and sold battery management systems, testers and chargers.

A keen photographer, he was a member of the “Fotogroep Kromme Rijn” club in Leersum (province of Utrecht, The Netherlands).

He joined Picto Benelux in March 2016.

Residing alternately in the Netherlands and France, he always managed to attend our meetings regularly. His natural curiosity led him to explore the smallest technical details of the processes he was undertaking, but he was also a photographer who wanted his photos to express his feelings and emotions.

An admirer of Léonard Misonne, he was one of those who encouraged Picto to take an interest in the mediobrome process.
Among other things, he took part,with some members, in a visit to the Musée de la Photographie in Charleroi to take a closer look at Misonne's original prints (photo right).
He was also a member of the “analog photography” group that ran for several years within Picto.

                  An active member, a smiling and affable man, and a loyal friend – he will be missed.

Wim Koster