They left us - They will not be forgotten..

Wim Koster

Jan Strijbos (November 18,1948 – November 29, 2023)
Jan was with us since January 2014. An enthusiast of old photography, an excellent photographer, demanding of himself, he had specialised in the most technical processes: gumprinting, carbon printing, wet collodion and photogravure prints. A discreet, cordial man, he took an active part in the group's activities - and was always available for anyone who needed advice.
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Wim Koster

Wim Koster (May 1947 – July 27, 2023)
Wim was a member since March 2016. Despite the long distances he had to travel to join us, he regularly attended our meetings.
We will remember him as a smiling, friendly man who took an active part in the discussions – and as an excellent photographer.
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Claire Latouche

Claire Latouche (Oct. 1949 – November 11, 2022)
Claire was an early member. Involved in black and white film photography, bromoil and Van Dycke, her real passion was for pinhole photography. An artist at heart, discreet, she quietly pursued her own sensitive and creative path, without making a lot of noise..
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Pierre Gavroy

Pierre Gavroy (Sep. 1954 – June 10, 2020)
Pierre joined us in March 2017; he passed away on the 10th of June 2020.
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Roger Kockaerts

Roger Kockaerts (1931 - Sep.13th, 2019)
Photographer, gallery owner, teacher and expert in the restoration and conservation of photographic documents, Roger was also a founding member of Picto Benelux, which was privileged to count on his expertise, artistic sense and unfailing availability to the very end.
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Gilbert Strouven

Gilbert Strouven (July 1948 - January 2018)
Artist and photographer, he adopted tri-color gumprinting as his technique of choice. Member of Picto Benelux since the early days, he was an active and faithful collaborator, and a friend on whom we could always count.
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Roland Castro

Roland Castro (Feb. 1948 - August 2005)
Photographer, professor at the “École supérieure des Arts Saint-Luc” in Liège. A couple of days before he passed away, he told us how delighted he was with the creation of Eurobrom, the forerunner of Picto Benelux, and sent us his wishes of success. If Picto Benelux exists, it is also a little bit thanks to him.
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